Grow with Us

We acquire exceptional businesses.

Throughout our history, we have forged meaningful partnerships with founders, offering swift and uncomplicated exits that safeguard both their team and company culture. Our commitment extends beyond the immediate transaction – we ensure businesses continue to thrive in the long term.

We understand the unique needs of founders, offering flexible options that cater to various stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you are considering a cash-out, seeking a partner for the next phase, or contemplating your business’s future, our partnership approach is tailored to support your goals.

Explore our criteria below, and if you're uncertain whether your business fits, don't hesitate to reach out - we're here to provide clarity and guide you on the path to mutual success.

We like to acquire businesses that have

Sizable Profit

Profit After Tax of
RM0.5m to RM10m

Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue
of at Least 70%

Business Growth

Continuous Growth
of at Least 5% Annually

Profit Margin

High and Sustainable Margins

Market Position

Market-leading Position
in a Niche Market

Management Team

Experienced and
Committed Management

​Founder prefers us for

Financial Liquidity

Full or Partial Cash Out

Flexible Structure

Founders can Leave
or Stay with Us

Business Continuity

Operate As-is with
No Culture Change

Sector Expertise

Coaching for
Continuous Development

Strategic Commitment

We Hold Companies
for the Long-term

Cooperative Acquisition

We Will Not Engage
in Unfriendly Takeovers

Former Owner's Testimonial

Tremendous Value Creation From Consolidation

“In 2020, iMedia acquired a majority stake in Nara Media Sdn Bhd. The company has seen tremendous growth post-investment, financially and from a resource perspective. We now have access to iMedia’s fleet of sales team, ad operations, finance and other talented people.”

Shahzeeq, Nara Media Co-founder

“ITTIFY has grown and benefitted under the consolidation of iMedia Asia. ITTIFY was able to gain access to huge clientele who otherwise wouldn't have been available as an independent company. This consolidation has helped ITTIFY gain economies of scale, cost savings, and increased revenue.”

Tan Guan Sheng, ITTIFY Co-founder

"Selling our event business to Catcha Group and joining the iProperty family was the greatest thing that ever happened. We created so much value together over 2.5 years after the deal, and it was great fun!"

Hoi Cheng, xyzzy Founder

"We sold our company to Catcha in 2007 and joined in the founding of iProperty and the IPO. Our company went from 1 country to 5 countries and we were a core part of the management team and important shareholders. ”

Joshua Wong, iProperty Founder

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